Other Key Features

Billing – The Clinitrak Billing Module is fully integrated with clinical documentation.The EDI Billing Module allows the user to track claims through every step in the electronic billing cycle which enables monitoring of the claims status at any point in time.

Electronic Prescriptions – Manage electronic prescriptions with out technology partner DrFirst.  The DrFirst system is fully integrated with SureScripts, MU approved to support two-way electronic communication between prescribers and pharmacies.  DrFirst is fully integrated with Clinitrak in a manner that is seamless to our users.

Lab Orders/Lab Integration – Through our technology partner Informedika, our clients enjoy integration to nearly every lab, completely free of charge and directly from within Clinitrak.

HR Support – The Integrated Time Card system allows agencies to track direct and indirect service time and assign costs based on activities and services already documented in Clinitrak.